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Designed and produced by award-winning Australian manufacturer Actron Air, the Que provides a powerful, intuitive interface to the most advanced air conditioning systems on the market. From a built-in 720p touchscreen display, Actron Que owners have access to everything from basic temperature control to usage history and other information. The Actron Que control system also interfaces seamlessly with available iOS and Android mobile apps, providing the full range of included functionality from wherever a data connection is available. With a mission of making air conditioning easier for residential and commercial clients, Infiniti Air is one of Australias physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 leading Actron Air installers, and the new Que digital control system will provide a huge range of valuable benefits to owners. Were proud to announce that we can now offer the advanced Actron Que control system to our clients, said Infiniti Air representative Mike King, Todays top air conditioning systems are incredibly sophisticated and advanced under the hood, but the full benefit of that power sometimes escapes their owners. The Actron Que goes far beyond legacy control systems by making it as simple and straightforward as possible to adjust and manage air conditioning activity. That means its a perfect fit for our own mission of making air conditioning easy for our clients, so were truly excited about being able to offer this impressive product. Since its 1984 founding, Actron Air has been known for producing world-class air conditioning systems tuned for the harsh, demanding conditions so common in Australia. Where systems designed for other parts of the world might remove humidity only while temperatures stay below 35 degrees Celsius, for example, Actron Air equipment is designed to excel even when summer days in Perth send the mercury climbing above the 40-degree mark. As one of Perths best-reviewed and most frequently recommended air conditioning companies, Infiniti Air regularly provides clients with top-quality Actron Air systems that suit their needs perfectly. The new Actron Que system will benefit many Infiniti Air customers by providing a powerful, easy-to-use control interface.